Crew Allocation

It’s crazy how fast the time went by since I signed up. After the first training, the next milestone is all about crew allocation. Who is our skipper, the first mate, who are my peers?

I felt like 11-year-old Harry Potter on his first day at Hogwarts waiting to be sorted into his house.


Crew allocation gets a big event in the Portsmouth Guildhall every race. It is broadcasted live on YouTube so everybody can watch the crew announcements.
So here I sat, exited waiting for my future skipper to read my name out loud and for this whole thing to finally manifest.

And you know what? I realize that its important for me to identify with my skipper, my boat, my crew. I am proud to belong.

So here are my announcements!

My Skipper is the legendary Nick Leggatt from South Africa and therefore I am a part of the Zhuhai Crew!

(Zhuhai Bild, ist nicht in Media also bitte hinzufuegen und hier einfuegen)

This means that my crew’s Team partner is the Chinese city of Zhuhai, located in the south-east of China in the province of Guangdong close to Hongkong!
Therefore about one-third of my crew is of Chinese heritance and as an interculturalist I have spend time on wonderful projects in China, and couldn’t be more thrilled.

We will reach Zhuhai at the end of leg 5 which starts in the Whitsundays, east of Australia.

So this is how the race is structured.
Our journey is divided into 8 legs, starting on September 1st, 2019 and ending early August of 2020.
Each leg has one to multiple races and ports. Meaning each race will have a winning team. During the entire voyage, each boat will earn points which will determine the final winning Clipper!

There is a wonderful interactive map on the Clipper Website if you want to find out more about the individual Legs and races:

Not all dates and port have been announced, but when that happens I will keep you posted!


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