A tribute to vulnerability

The crew has a couple different channels to communicate.
There is…

  • our own crew hub, with all information, documents, reminders (professionally organized by the Clipper organization)
  • a closed Facebook group and
  • WhatsApp groups after training.

We exchange valuable advice on materials (yes, you can have 50+ comments on socks…), encourage each other on fundraising or when experiencing emotional low times, but also videos on how to load a winch and do knot magic.

What really moves me the most is that many show themselves vulnerable.

I didn’t know what to expect and what kind of peers I would meet on this journey. I worried about not being “good enough”, worried that I couldn’t connect. Connection and being part is important to me.
And as Brené Brown says; “I don’t want to feel shame, as it is the fear of disconnection”

Especially one nightmare about rowing that little dinghy across to another pier manifested… I had a complete sequence in my mind of slipping and ending up in the water…


And then this post came up. It was a video of a crew girl who was taking the dinghy (one could also describe as a lifeboat) for in unintended cruise through the harbour as it seemed quite difficult to steer. The Girl, as well as the person taking the video, were giggling uncontrollably and were enjoying the whole mess at its fullest. It immediately made me smile.

It was a joyful post and it had a big impact on me, as I realized that this person made herself seen in a situation that was revealing a weakness of hers.

I lifted quite a lot of weight off my shoulders.
We all have things we know how to do and others that are more difficult to take in. Let’s take it lightly, let’s make ourselves seen and also have some fun while we do it.
This is not a learning competition, no one is going to be left behind. We all have different backgrounds but are united by the same goal. We will compete as a team and not as an individual.
The comments on the video were all kind, funny and encouraging.

We take this mindset into training. Small moments like having a “bowline crisis” (forgetting the one “sacred knot” from one-second to the other) and whispering “I am afraid” or “I have never done this” to your neighbour. Getting a hug, an encouraging smile, a joke, and some real hands-on help. It made us connect. Being in a safe environment allows you to show your vulnerability. The courage not to be perfect. It makes you relatable and helps to create a supportive environment, and ultimately it helps create trust. An essential ingredient to build a sustainable team.

Thank you to all crew that is so supportive, kind, funny and real. 

I am looking forward to being you!


For inspiration: the school of life has a great take at vulnerability

and of course the fabulous Brené Brown in her famous TEDtalk (over 10mio views)



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